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"There's always another secret."

Jun 22, 2018

Kel: With a knife in the chest.

Kelsier and Dockson meet on top of the walls of Luthadel to discuss how Kelsier's new job will move forward. Kelsier has been gone from the city for years, and Dockson is still getting used to the idea of Kel being Mistborn. The two men go over their options, picking the members of the crew they'll need to pull off this new job. Dockson tells Kelsier that, before they go to their meeting he has something – or rather someone – to show Kel. It's Vin of course, the only other known living Skaa Mistborn. The two men watch Camon and Vin walk into the Canton of Finance to pull their scam. The two lesser thieves are being scammed by the Obligators, who have only set up this second meeting to confirm that Vin is a Misting. Luckily for Vin, Kelsier finds out what she is just in time to save her life.