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"There's always another secret."

Nov 12, 2018

Alendi was the man set to release the power from the well, before Rashek killed him and took it for himself. The Lord Ruler defeated Ruin in a way, or did he?  Vin is recovering from her stab wound during her encounter with an inquisitor at Kredik Shaw. We believe that the only reason Kelsier allowed Vin to come is due to Ruin's influence on his slightly mad mind. Upon returning from her sickbed in Luthadel to Mansion Renoux. Vin believes Sazed must be an Allomancer, in her mind that is the only way he could have defeated an inquisitor, and rescued her from near death at Kredik Shaw. Boy, does she have a lot to learn. Sazed drops some knowledge on us about keepers, the Lord Ruler's breeding program, feruchemy, and the history of the Terris people since Rashek's rise to power.