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"There's always another secret."

Nov 5, 2018

Vin and Kelsier approach Kredik Shaw in the night. Is the Lord Ruler's palace made of metal to hide what's inside of it from the eyes of Ruin? We explain compounding; the method of combing allomancy and feruchemy that Rashek uses to obtain immortality. Also, we spend a little time explaining how Kelsier got caught in Kredik Shaw the first time. Mare did not betray the small party in the way everyone thinks. As the two Mistborn enter the palace, they're confronted by multiple groups of soldiers in a series of bad ass action scenes. None of them survive the encounter, and Kel reassures Vin that they are justified in killing Skaa soldiers. We'll talk a bit about Kelsier's strange moral compass. As our heroes walk into the inner sanctum of the Lord Ruler and his religion, they are confronted again, but this time by Steel Inquisitors. Kelsier and Vin flee in different directions, two chase Kel, and one pursues Vin. Eventually a fatally injured Vin crash-lands on a rooftop. Unbeknownst to her, Sazed has been following her and comes to her rescue. He lands on top of a Steel Inquisitor shattering it's bones, and carries Vin to safety with incredible Feruchemically enhanced strength and speed. Don't worry, we'll read all the awesome action scenes to you.

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