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"There's always another secret."

Sep 25, 2018

Kelsier has had Vin return to Luthadel for further training in her Allomantic powers. Each of their Misting friends will teach her what they can of Allomancy, starting with Breeze. We have an interesting conversation spurred by Breeze's personal interpretation of the morality of manipulation. Does Breeze indeed have an unfair advantage in social settings? What is Good, and what is Evil? Is there any such thing at all? As Kelsier gives a recruitment pitch to some Skaa assembled in a soup kitchen, Vin watches and learns about the subtle craft of emotional manipulation from the professional Soothers and Rioters strategically placed throughout the crowd. Later, a progress meeting on the job is interrupted by one of Ham's soldiers who informs the crew Camon's old lair has been discovered by the Steel Ministry.

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