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"There's always another secret."

Sep 3, 2018

Kelsier and Vin have started sparring to improve the newly discovered Mistborn's skills. It's been several months, and Vin has progressed quickly. When the two Mistborn return to Mansion Renoux, Sazed informs Vin that she'll be having her hair cut. She hates it, but Sazed and Kelsier agree that this will be crucial for her impersonation of a 'lady'. Sazed tells us about Trell, an ancient god, that the Lord Ruler tried to wipe out any knowledge of. We'll learn much more about this character in Mistborn Era 2, which leads us to believe that there was at least some factual basis in the ancient story Sazed tells us in this scene. We know Sazed's study of human religion and history turns out to be critical later when he's reshaping the world. But why did he choose this path of subverting the Lord Ruler in the first place?  Kel realizes through a conversation with Saz that the best way to continue Vin's training is to send her to is Misting friends, to study each individual metal.

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