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"There's always another secret."

Aug 14, 2018

Marsh confronts Kelsier about the level of violence has already committed. Essentially questioning whether or not Kelsier's leadership is an improvement on leadership in it's current form. Do his ends justify the means? although, Marsh eventually consents to return and debate Kelsier's plan further. We discuss why their aren't more people like Kelsier in the Final Empire, and the Lord Ruler's methods for suppressing rebellion. Ruin speaks to Vin through her earring at an opportune moment, just before she receives her first Mistcloak, and Kelsier begins her first night of training. Vin is already familiar with some of the Allomantic metals, but not all. She begins to learn new concepts, like flaring metals, how savants are created, the dangers inherent in that, and the limits or lack thereof to the powers of a Mistborn. As Kelsier walks Vin through the basic Allomantic metals, she gains fresh and important understanding.

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