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"There's always another secret."

May 11, 2018

In order to understand what's happening in the Mistborn series, we need to understand the basic mechanics of the Cosmere. In this episode Seth and Patrick breakdown the world building behind it all starting with the Shattering of the one God, Adonalsium. We'll talk about what we know of the 16 Shards that remained after that event, their Intents, and what that means. We'll explain the three different types of Investiture, and the basics of the Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual realms. That sets us up to understand the Story of Preservation and Ruin, the deal they struck to create humanity on Scadrial, and Preservation's eventual betrayal and imprisonment of Ruin. The Mistborn Spoilers Podcast will record LIVE on Discord every Monday night at 6pm PST, so you can join our conversation. Read along with us, and help us navigate the complexity of the Cosmere, chat about your favorite personal head canon, and yell at us about our terrible pronunciation.